A town next to Lake Huron, 80km north-east of New Lazlo at the border of Lazlo and Quebec. It is a free town that was recently attacked by the Coalition but with the help of the Native Americans at Fort Huron, Copperfalls remained free. It is afforded some protection against the Coalition by its proximity to the Three States.

Copper Falls began as a frontier town a hundred years ago. Veins of copper and silver brought money into the town, but for the first twenty-five years there was little to no social order. Cyberknights were hired as a lawkeeping force and used to establish a government.

Copperfalls is on the shores of Lake Huron. It is far from any leylines.

Copperfalls has a high proportion of Native Americans in the population. Due to the damage done to the fortifications by the Coalition, Copperfalls is still recovering and the process is slowed by regular attacks by wandering demons and gangs, who raid the settlement and take what they want. One of the regular incidents is a tribe of Simvan Monster Riders on fire beetles. There are rumours of a unit of semi-spellcasters resident in the town.

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