New Lazlo

A new city created from the overspill and rebellious leaders of Lazlo.

It has access to an abundance of natural resources and is easily-defensible. New Lazlo is ruled by an elected city council of five members, whose positions can be challenged by a vote of no confidence and a trial by duel. The Council of New Lazlo is openly anti-Coalition.

New Lazlo is in the lands of the Native Blackfoot Tribe and as it grows it also risks impinging on Psi-Stalker territory.

DUC began their journey to Copperfalls when Anton Johnson arrived in New Lazlo in August, three months after the Fall of Tolkien and they left New Lazlo in September. Their interests within the city were an old firestation connected to a garage which was used as a clinic with living quarters above. The clinic has now been leased back to the city for a theoretically infinite time period, since there is no other medical facility in that area of the city. It may be run by the Universal Brotherhood. The garage is being overseen and run by Galen until we return.

New Lazlo

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