Quest Log

  • Salvage ship in harbour (see Salut St Marie near Fort Huron for scrap for rapairs) – barge being provided as working platform – we have 6 months in which to get it fully operational and up and running – made contact with salvage team on island
  • Detoxify Warren Silversmith
    -Enlist Andrew Silversmith’s help
    -Defeat the evil pro-Coalition Silversmith brothers, William and Thomas
    Buy and transport the Juicer Suite from Fort Huron (Jacob Two Trees) – Jurgen will cover the costs
    Get a cyberdoc
    Get a psychological profiler
  • Speak to Jeremy Grant about how we can get the airfield more effective and ready for combat
  • Work out how to use the teleporters
  • Find the remainder of the military base

* Set up clinic

* Physics!!!

  • Investigate bandits base we avoided on the way in
  • Avoid getting horribly killed for murdering one of the Silversmiths’ snitches
  • Bring military hardware to help with defenses
    Get mini-missiles for Conrad’s squad – we have 6 crates (20 missiles in each) from Finchy making solar panels for Andrew Greybison. Just need to sell them to Conrad.-
  • Pimp Our Ride (i.e. Herc)
  • Pimp Our Doc
  • Persuade Andrew Silversmith to take on some mutant animals in militia to increase acceptance
    Make some overtures towards the animal population
    Use these as ways of employing some for refitting the ship

* Make overtures towards Fort Huron (for ghost exorcising) – ship coming soon – we have made a deal with the Paradox and owe him a favour

  • Conrad is looking for a Glitterboy transport vehicle (used in Quebec)
    Convince Conrad to convert a Glitterboy to naval use for undersea defense and exploration?

* Solve (possibly unnatural) disease broken out in one of the mines – the other medical staff in town are having a meeting in the town hall about it – pretty much done – done!

* Poltergeists on docks – gets paradox mage in

* Rescue slaves! Get rid of the pirates!

  • Set up mage’s guild/school
  • Get Doc TP on the Council
  • Hydro plant power station needs to be repaired
  • Negotiate with the town council over the elementalists (include the elementalists too)

Quest Log

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